I collected two eggs this morning. They will be the last eggs this spring. Tomorrow is summer. Our girls gift us two to six eggs a day still.

The pandemic destroyed my mood posting about the flock. The birds enjoy their sunny pasture with fresh grass and bugs. And the egg cleanliness has been sparkling.

We have a few process changes since last year. We’re on a big open pasture this year. We have string lines between stakes to mark a straight path. We have no plumbing or hoses to the pens. We keep 1-2 buckets in each enclosure. And fill five-gallon buckets with drippers for a quick water source. The drippers are submerged and prevent freezing. We are NOT attempting laying boxes anymore. We see clean enough eggs with fresh grass. And pats of hay help when it’s muddy.

Enclosures needed patching and reinforcing. We had rot near the pocket screw holes. A few long old fashioned screws fixed that. The main supports were sagging. The lid became concave and held water. They shed water great now the supports are upside down. The pens lost shape when moved because the joints were without reinforcement. We see the right give with a little bracing.

The dogs are part of the operation now. The poultry and dogs greet each other twice a day. The dogs clean up cracked eggs and leftover kitchen scraps and feed. Watching a 70lb dog chase a 120lb dog around the enclosures is hilarious. Our 33lb dog agrees as she watches.